G &T Medics (EA) Limited is a registered company under Tanzanians companies registration act of 2002 with company registration (incorporation) number 102969, and Tax Identification Number 122-215-148.

Our story began on 8th October 2013, and then we are dealers in All types of Hospital, School, research and industrial Laboratory instruments/equipment, Chemicals and Reagents, Medical devices, Supplies, Consumables and Accessories.

G &T Medics (EA) Limited headquarters are in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Plot number 186 B/A Kigogo Mbuyuni street, Kinondoni District. The Company has been supplying all over the country and beyond for over 5 years and has unrivaled experience. Our expertise in the supply of scientific applications is backed up by our highly qualified and experienced service team providing our customers with a unique level of support for their purchase. We offer a choice of quality products, efficient customer service and excellent maintenance back-up from our Service team.

Specialized areas of focus includes but not limited to Medical institutions, research institutions, Laboratories, Brewing industries, universities, Schools, Colleges, NGOs, Hospitals and process instruments, life science instrument, and an extensive range of laboratory equipment. We aim to offer the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction in all we do.
We are committed to continuously support development of our services and product through offerings delivering real-time information on the latest innovative scientific products to our customers.


Optimal choice for all Laboratory and health care delivery service outlets and institutions in need of quality Diagnostic, Medical and related technical services.

G & T Medics (EA) Limited’s business vision at a glance

  •  Facilitating your School, Research Institution, Medical and laboratory requirement without delay
  • Our experts bring you competitive advantage
  • We offer responsiveness and accessibility
  • We operate on-site, where the commodities and installations are


Our mission is to be a leading technical scientific partner for Medical, laboratory and
research supplies by building our East Africa reputation for innovation with end users
and specialist distributors. We will use this position to establish our expertise and
develop our own Intellectual Property for unique new products and services. We take a
measured approach to risk and prepared to invest in long term projects to provide the
opportunity for above average rewards in the future. We aim to grow our business to
minimize the impact of backing our legacy income deficit. We will continue to invest in new technologies and develop import and export business particularly in the East Africa and other major international markets.


Honesty & Integrity

Customers and management should always be able to check and ask for proof and never rely on trust. We keep customers information confidential and report irregularities to management through our whistle-blowing policy.



Our dependability on result of a measurement, calculation, or specification is always accurate.