Our Product

Laboratory Equipment
GT Medics (EA) Limited provides a comprehensive range of products for all disciplines of clinical laboratories, including general equipment (automated and manual), consumables and reagents.

Hospital equipment
GT Medics (EA) Limited main products includes but not limited to medical pendant surgical pendant, ICU pendant, medical bed head unit, multi-column pendant series, health care, medical gas supply system, and related products and we have 4 years of history in the medical equipment industry.
Located in Dar Es Salaam, we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.
Moreover, we have excellent engineers and technicians giving our company good technical capabilities after sell service support. supply a full range of Hospital equipment all supported by our fully trained Service Team. No matter how big or small your requirement.

Hospital Supplies

We take care of all your Hospital supplies needs; these includes but not limited to Gloves, Gauze, Surgical blades, cut gut, etc
Drugs; serves customers including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, food and beverage, dairy, cosmetics.

Clinical and Non Clinical Research.

GT Medics EA Limited has grown and evolved in this area over years to meet the ever-expanding challenges and opportunities of the research community.
P500 is a new, ergonomically designed, bench top Clinical Chemistry system, which has a high degree of automation to give assured result quality. The advanced Windows-based software, smart architecture and user-friendly interface ensures the P500 offers many benefits such as uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walk-away operation and remote access diagnostics.
P500 Clical Chemistry analyzer
Pictus 400 is a compact bench top, fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer for small to medium laboratories that wish to acquire higher end technology at a lower end price.
Pictus 400 Fully automated Clinical Chemistry analyzer
Abacus 5 is the most advanced model in our range of hematology analyzers, utilizing patented laser-based optical measurement technology developed by Diatron. It provides cost-effective,precise and accurate 5-part differential results.

GT Medics provides PCR and molecular biology Laboratory solutions
Name what type of pipette you what and leave the rest to GT Medics

Our Services 

a) Laboratory equipment and Instruments;
GT Medics (EA) Limited is a dealer of various manufacturers of laboratory equipment from China, India, Germany French, USA, Japan, etc. we select the best equipment which have passed all kinds of standards including ISO, FDA, IEC, WHO, etc.
The manufactures of the equipment we sale are the world’s giants in their area of competency. We are dealers of a wide range of laboratory equipment, Haematological Laboratory machine, Immunological laboratory machines, Chemistry laboratory machines, Microbiological, Molecular biology laboratory equipment and supplies, Histopathological equipment, etc. All brands are of high quality, robust, easier to operate and of high level of technology.

b) Rapid Diagnostics
A wide range of rapid diagnostics test are provided by G & T Medics (EA) Limited such as HIV rapid tests, Syphilis rapid test, Malaria rapid test, Glucose rapid test, H. pylori rapid test, Hapatitis B&C rapid test, to mention a few.

c) Water Treatment chemicals

For those who are dealing with water supply we provide chemicals for water treatment to make water clean and safe to drink.

d) School Laboratory apparatus
e) Molecular Biology
f) Chemicals
g) Medical equipment and instruments